Yeastar Remote Access Solution – S-Series VoIP PBX

Yeastar Remote Access Solution - S-Series VoIP PBX

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Linkus Cloud Service Pro

Connect with Peace of Mind

If you’ve ever been troubled by the technical and security hassles in connecting remote workers, branch offices, or remote SIP terminals to your central office S-Series VoIP PBX, then you should take Linkus Cloud Service Pro.

Leveraging the enterprise-grade tunneling technology, Yeastar Linkus Cloud Service Pro (LCS Pro) clears all obstacles of remote SIP access & communications for S-Series VoIP PBX users. It provides encrypted remote connection for Linkus UC Clients in no time and offers a dedicated PBX domain name (FQDN) for secure, effortless registration of remote SIP endpoints to the PBX. Wherever your teams work and whatever SIP devices you use, rest easy with secure and uninterrupted business communications, irrespective of the locations.


Linkus Remote Connection

Your Office Anywhere with Linkus UC Clients

All the power of an enterprise phone, now in your pocket. LCS Pro not only minimizes your Linkus-related server configuration to a simple click, but enables a full spectrum of Unified Communications options on your Linkus UC Clients, so your teams can call, chat, and collaborate—at home, in the office, or somewhere in between—with unsacrificed productivity.


One app for all communications

Everything from the one-touch dialing & call management to the advanced instant messaging, file sharing, presence, and contacts management. You get all the office extension tools to get work done, from anywhere.



No complex network settings

It takes only one click for you to set up Linkus server for remote communications. You don’t need to open a port on your PBX’s intranet firewall. We do all the backend connections with inbuilt security and encryption.



Stopped NAT issues for reliable calling

The quality of a VoIP call is heavily dependent on the environment that the call is running in. Yeastar LCS Pro stops the NAT issues from happening and provides a reliable call environment to improve the call quality.

Linkus UC Clients


Effortless Remote SIP Connections

Setting up remote offices and phones can never be easier. The Yeastar-supplied PBX domain name (FQDN) helps you quickly establish a private tunnel for remote SIP registrations to your PBX. It’s easy and secure to register your remote IP Phones, branch office PBXs, gateways, and alike SIP endpoints to your central office PBX, as if they were deployed on the intranet.

Remote SIP Service


Dedicated PBX Domain Name

Get a fully qualified PBX domain name (FQDN) that frees you from the risky, complicated PBX port forwarding when it comes to remote SIP endpoints registration to the PBX.



Rigorous Remote Access Control

Allow remote access only to the permitted SIP endpoints. You have complete control over which IP addresses and Extension accounts can register or connect remotely to the PBX.



Shared Business Resources

Through the remote connection, your remote offices and SIP terminals become parts of the central office PBX system and can share the PBX’s resources.

The Security Matters

Shield your company from the potential risks of PBX network penetration and subsequent issues of toll fraud, data breaches, and cyber-attacks alike. The Remote Access Service leverages the enterprise-grade tunneling technology and encryption algorithms to best protected your remote communications and system access.


Separate and Private Connection

LCS Pro leverages a private tunneling server for data transmission between the PBX and the remote SIP endpoints. Your PBX’s IP address won’t be exposed to the public. All remote connections are direct, undercover, and double safeguarded with account authentication.



Impenetrable Encryption

Each PBX has its own encryption key contributed by sophisticated encryption algorithms, ensuring you a peace of mind.

The Security Matters